The Covid crisis has definitely caused a huge upheaval to many businesses and the way in which they operate.

For our business, approximately 75% – 80% of the search of Body Corporate records are now carried out online.  Prior to the covid times, the online searches were sitting at approximately 25%.  This is a great benefit to us as we are not spending as much time on the road to carry out physical inspection of records.  The pitfall is however, that the Act states that the BC Managers have 7 days to send any documents that have been requested.

This time frame is an unacceptable as we need a prompt and efficient service from the BC Managers if we are to provide you with your Disclosures within our aimed target of 48 hours.

After doing a little investigating, we have discovered that money talks.  We have nailed it down to where we offer to pay additional urgency fees to the BC Managers, we can get almost immediate service (or at least within 24 hours).

To absorb the additional fees that have been created due to online searching, we have decided to adjust our prices across the board to keep it simple.    As from the 1st January 2022 our new prices will be:

Disclosure Statement                                                                     $145.00

CMS document as provided by BC Manager                               $20.00

Copy of Plan of Subdivision as provided by  BC Manager        $20.00

Implied Warranty Statement                                                           $88.00     All prices include GST


I take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing support and look forward to continuing our business relationship in the years to come.