Vendors Disclosure Statement Request


Please be aware that Updated Disclosure Statements can ONLY be purchased if we have previously prepared a Disclosure Statement for you for the same Lot and the same owners still own the property.

    • 127.5 $
    • Total Price66 $
    • Total Price17.5 $
    • Total Price17.5 $
    • Total Price33 $
    • Total Price17.5 $
    • Total Price17.5 $

    Who are the Body Corporate Managers - Without this information we cannot process your request

    The name of the company that hold all body Corporate records.  This information can generally be found on the Levy Notices.  If the complex is self managed please supply a name and contract number for that person.

    (or Persons name and Phone Number if Self Managed)

    If you have a Vendor’s Search Authority, please attach it here

    • (max file size 32 MB) $


Download Vendors Blank Authority

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