Purchasers Comprehensive Search Report


Plus printing charges (if applicable) – See below

Please allow a minimum of five working days for this Report to be completed.

This report will include copy of the Roll for the relevant lot, client levy statement, Balance Sheet, copies of all minutes of meetings held in the last 2 – 3 years, current CMS, Building Units Plans, copies of Building Reports, details of adjudicators Orders / Court Actions, details of Caretaking / Letting Agreements, Certificate of Classification and Fire Safety Certificate.  All subject to availability from Body Corporate Manager.

Additional fees could be incurred if the records are held digitally within a Body Corporate Office.   Some Body Corporate Mangement Offices are now insisting that all documents and minutes  that we require for the Report are to be printed at a cost of $0.72 per page.    This additional charge to us would be passed onto you in these instances.  We would recommend that you ring us to determine whether the Body Corporate Managers for your specific enquiry operate under this Policy.   When searching within these offices, we make every effort to minimise the printing charges.

Download Vendors Blank Authority

    Please attach your Contract of Sale as this document will need to be sighted by the Body Corporate Managers before they will allow a search of records